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Recruit Affiliate

1. Invite affiliates to join through the affiliate registration form.

2. Easy list offers on UpPromote Marketplace. 

3. Post-purchase popup to invite customers to become affiliates.

4. Customer Referral feature allows customers to promote your products and boost their loyalty.

Manage Affiliate

1. Lifetime commission is available.

2. Communicate with affiliates via email/chat.

3. Auto-discount, auto-generate coupon, and auto-tier commission features are available.

4. Analysis performance through the visualized report.

5. Customize the affiliate link and all promotion resources for affiliates.

Build Affiliate Marketing Campaign

1. Create affiliate programs with any rules.

2. Personalize affiliate registration form, email templates and affiliate account to match your brand's look.
3. Use Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) to grow your networks. 

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