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Get to know the basics

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Classify affiliates, where to find them and how to communicate effectively
Affiliate recruitment & communication
Utilize tools and materials to assist affiliates in promoting
Affiliate empowerment & motivation
Optimize management and payment process
Affiliate management & payment process

What would you get from the webinars?


Recruitment & Communication

Empowerment & Motivation

Management &


Catering to merchants that want to optimize the management process.

• UpPromote's affiliate management tools
• UpPromote's referral management tools
• UpPromote's payment process
• UpPromote's business management tools
• Q&A

Affiliate Management & Payment Process

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Catering to merchants that are new to UpPromote and Affiliate Marketing.

• Affiliate Marketing 101
• UpPromote's workflow
• UpPromote's feature walkthrough
• Q&A

Get to know the basics

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Designed for merchants that have not had a strong affiliate team yet. 

• Types of affiliates and where to find them
• Recommended recruitment steps
• UpPromote tools for affiliate recruitment
• UpPromote tools for communication and best practices
• Q&A

Affiliate Recruitement & Communication

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Designed for merchants that just recruited a new affiliate team or need help with motivating affiliates.

• UpPromote tools for affiliate empowerment
• Recommended materials to provide affiliates to improve promoting process
• UpPromote tools for affiliate motivation and when to use them
• Q&A

Affiliate Empowerment & Motivation

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What do other merchants say about our webinars?

The demo helped me out a lot as a newbie. I was overwhelmed at first, but after this session, I am way more clear about what each function does and where to locate them. Navigating through UpPromote is much easier now.

Claire Foster
Digital Marketing Officer
I’m glad that I booked a webinar with Stark. He cleared out much confusion and, moreover, the tips and tricks were practical. After a month, I have a team of 23 active affiliates and, hopefully, will continue to grow.
Stephen Berkley
A chat support agent recommended I join the webinar when some of the affiliates' performance started to slow down. Worth it. We applied some of the tips, sales are going up, and our affiliates seem to be happy with the changes.
Magarette Collins
Marketing Manager